Coffee fans must know when the best time to drink coffee is during the day

Here's the reaction of the body when drinking coffee at different time frames. Read on to find out what is the best time frame for you guys!
Before 9 am
Many of you have a habit of drinking coffee in the early morning to wake people up, even when drinking coffee without breakfast. Meanwhile, the morning after waking up, the body organs are still not working properly, stress hormone cortisol is still rising.
Therefore, if you consume coffee at this time, it will be able to push the stress level of the body to excess. The body is always in a state of restlessness, nervousness and anxiety, so it will be difficult to focus more on everything.

10 - 11.30 am
If you are a person who likes to drink coffee, you can enjoy a cup of coffee right now at this time. According to experts, about 10 - 11:30 is the time when stress hormones reduce, so it is safe for you to drink 1 cup of coffee. In particular, at this time many of you often start to be tired, drowsy and sleepy after a working session, so enjoying a cup of coffee will help you stay awake in time.
12 - 13 pm
This is the time when cortisol levels in the body rise again, so you should not drink coffee at this time. In particular, this is often the time to enjoy lunch so should not drink coffee with meals or immediately after meals. Because coffee can interfere with the body's absorption of iron in food and can lead to anemia.

13 - 17 pm
After 13 pm, cortisol levels begin to decrease. Therefore, if you feel sleepy, drowsy mind, you can drink coffee at this time. 1 cup of coffee can help you stay awake, concentrate and get things done more efficiently. However, if you are not accustomed to drinking coffee, you should only drink before 15:00, do not drink too late that can affect your sleep at night.

After 17 pm
This is the time frame you should not drink coffee. By drinking coffee after 17h can greatly affect the quality of sleep. Caffeine in coffee will make your body hangover, restless, difficult to fall asleep as well as sleep will not delicious.
The predictable consequence is that the next day you are very tired, unable to complete anything. Therefore, do not exchange 1 cup of coffee with all day precious you offline. After 17h, it is best not to drink coffee.

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