Clean coffee

Clean coffee is a very popular drink in many countries. Clean coffee is sold in many forms, in the form of granules, powder or drinks on the spot, in supermarkets, restaurants or toad restaurants.
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100% pure coffee​
Clean coffee is coffee made from 100% pure coffee beans without any impurities such as corn, soybeans, black beans ... and flavoring, coloring chemicals. . Coffee beans are brewed, roasted and processed with butter or wine at a suitable pressure temperature to keep the rich, deep taste, wake up the taste of coffee connoisseurs.

Source of raw materials
Vamicoffee selects beans from the company's coffee plantations in Buon Ma Thuot. Vamicoffee coffee is grown on a large area and is considered to be of the highest quality, the most characteristic flavor. Coffee beans yield by soil, water is also processed dry by traditional methods until the outer shell will be added to the cup, so Vamicoffee always has much higher caffeine content than coffee. coffee.
Clean processing technology
Along with clean processing technology and some special traditional secrets, Vamicoffee coffee products have no harmful factors to consumers' health. Especially, we are committed not to have any impurity blend in our Vamicoffee clean coffee product.

Compare clean coffee and mixed coffee
Black coffee cup, fast, but great not to put on the cup. Despite being hungry, but when I click, I don't feel dizzy. Pure coffee is right.
Clean coffee
  • Coffee powder has a sweet, charming aroma.
  • Pure coffee powder when poured boiling water into the filter, the coffee powder swells.
  • Coffee color is light brown, not thick.
  • Taste when drinking: mild bitter, sour, deep, natural, feeling clean mouth and tongue.
  • The cup of coffee always has a lingering aftertaste that is made from pure coffee beans
  • Long sinking when the coffee powder in water at normal temperature.
Impurity coffee
  • Coffee powder has a strong, pungent aroma of aroma.
  • Coffee powder doped when pouring boiling water into the filter, the coffee powder does not expand.
  • The color of dark coffee is thick, thick and foamy.
  • Taste when drinking: bitter, dense, intense aroma, feeling of mouth and greasy tongue.
  • The coffee powder sinks as soon as it enters water at room temperature
With the slogan "Clean coffee - Clean life", we want everyone to enjoy a clean, delicious and healthy coffee.

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