How to promote Vietnamese coffee’s values in the market? How to make worldwide customers enjoy the best of high quality nutritional “Made in Vietnam” coffee? How to enhance the values of Vietnamese coffee in the global F&B industry supply chain? How to help Vietnamese farmers deal with price drops? etc. Those concerns are common among the dedicated people in the Vietnamese coffee industry, and are the reasons of the establishment of VM Coffee.
   With our desires to make VM Coffee become “an iconic figure of the Vietnamese coffee industry and a worldwide recognized brand”, we commit to build and maintain our core values of “HUMANITY – HEART – VISION – ENTHUSIASM – KNOWLEDGE – CREDIBILITY” to contribute to the common efforts of enhancing the value of Vietnamese farmers and their products.


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Vietnamese coffee history

The French introduced coffee to Vietnam in 1857. In early 1900, coffee was grown in some northern provinces such as Tuyen Quang, Lang Son and Ninh Binh. Tea is also grown in the Central region, such as Nghe An and Ha Tinh provinces.

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How are coffee beans popular in Vietnam?

The Arabica coffee strains especially delicious in Vietnam are Bourbon, Typica, Mocha (moka) - the oldest coffee strains on earth.

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What is caffeine? How does it work? you drink coffee should know

Caffeine, also known as trimethylxanthine, coffeine, theine, mateine, guaranine, methyltheobromine or 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, is an xanthine alkaloid that can be found in coffee beans, tea, cola seeds, guarana berries and (small amounts) in cocoa beans.

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7 facts about coffee that will make you want to drink it every day

Every day, Beethoven makes himself a cup of coffee from 60 coffee beans, while Voltaire drinks up to 50 cups a day and lives until the age of 83. Therefore, perhaps coffee addiction is not necessarily a bad thing!

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