Pure coffee, how to recognize pure coffee?

Pure coffee is a kind of bitterness is not harsh, mild, bitter taste does not remain long, drinking tea or water for dessert is that you will feel the rich delicious taste from this pure coffee.
1. How to identify pure coffee
Pure coffee when mixed will have a bright brown color like cockroach wings, not black, clear and opaque. In cafes, when this type of coffee is finished, they will wake up foam. It is coffee flavored with coffee, or more dangerous is the appearance of foaming agent sodium lauryl sulfate.
When the coffee brewed the coffee, before adding sugar, it felt sweet, it was due to the caramel. This substance must have been shown to have added soy or popcorn to smell the coffee.
Besides, when coffee is dark black, beware of disperse dyes (used in dyeing fabrics extremely toxic to health). Often street cafes, "amateur" curbs (only used to sell to visitors) and music cafes play this way to increase profits.
Because of the added profits and limited experience, especially the knowledge about cahcs preparation and processing of pure coffee, the Vietnamese coffee market is very chaotic and unreliable because there are too many processing facilities. coffee was born, consumers were confused, worried when they had to choose a good coffee, pure and safe coffee.
If you are still wondering, anxious to choose coffee, the following article will help you find ways to distinguish pure coffee from other types of coffee.

2. How to differentiate
Mass (volume)
Pure coffee powder always has a lower net weight than that of other cereals. If conditions compare, you hold 2 bags of about 500g, any bag containing coffee, (or contains a lot of coffee powder ratio), the bag will be much fuller and bigger. The amount of flour inside is more, so we will feel like a bag of pure coffee is lighter.
Porosity of pure coffee powder
Pure coffee powder has light porous nature, low specific gravity. Therefore, when mixed, they tend to float, while the flour of grains has a higher density so it sinks faster.
Moisture of pure coffee powder
Detergent coffee powder often looks moist, even some are lumps because it is soaked with caramel color, and with real coffee powder will be very dry and loose.
The color of pure coffee powder
When roasted to the right time and temperature ... pure coffee powder will be dark brown. Due to the habit that the user requires the coffee cup to be black, Besides the roasted soybean seeds, when pulverized will appear brownish yellow, unlike the dark brown of pure coffee powder.
The smell of pure coffee powder
Many people still get confused when appreciating the smell of chemical aromas soaked in beans, corn because users have little chance of smelling pure coffee powder coffee. In order not to be difficult, usually the soybean meal will have a strong smell, blended with the aroma of aroma to give up a strong aroma, not as gentle as the smell of roasted coffee.
Differentiate when brewing pure coffee
In the process of roasting large coffee beans and inside create air chambers, when meeting the boiling water, the air inside the large swells, foaming and causing pure coffee powder to rise up in the filter. This is one way to make it easy to recognize. Cornstarch and roasted peanuts, when exposed to boiling water, will stay flexible, sticky and flattened as cereals are always high in starch.
The color of pure coffee water
Pure coffee cups are always brown like cockroach wings, when added to the stone will appear amber brown, a very clear color. When left in the sun look iced coffee cup with a rich brown color with a rich flavor.
The aroma of mixed coffee
If you are used to the smell of pure coffee, you will easily detect the smell of chemicals inside the coffee. Although it is quite similar to the smell of real coffee, it is still recognizable because they still have a harsh, heavy, persistent flavor that feels heavy, unlike the elegant, luxurious smell of the coffee bean itself. pure real.
Pure coffee flavor
Most Vietnamese do not think pure coffee tastes sour. Even some people do not accept the inherent, wonderful and unique attribute of this scrumptious coffee: the seductive sour taste blends delicately with the natural bitterness.
Coffee foam
If the foam appears thin and iridescent rainbow color, when hitting up the whole cup and very long look coffee cup looks beautiful, then surely it is soap bubbles. Pure coffee foam is quite similar in size, more opaque and looks "thicker", but quickly collapses.
Through the above article, I hope to help you have knowledge of pure coffee as well as how to distinguish it so you can bring home this premium coffee.

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