Have you enjoyed a cup of coffee with the right way?

Every morning you enjoy coffee before going to work, every evening you gather with your friends to chat with a little cup of coffee. What must a good cup of coffee ensure? Feeling the taste of bitter coffee blended with the fragrance is an art.

How is a delicious coffee?

There are more than 800 scents in coffee beans found, are you subtle enough to identify them?
Clean, fresh combined with the balance of gentle aroma, sourness, bitterness with natural sweetness is an important factor to create a delicious cup of coffee. Depending on the taste of each person, we enjoy and appreciate the deliciousness with different intensity and taste.
Nothing is more rewarding than rewarding a cup of pure coffee and feeling the wonderful flavors. For those who live and work with coffee every day, delicious coffee must come from a source of quality ingredients, successful crops, to a meticulous and technically correct preparation process, most especially that. The roasting process will help you arouse the aroma available in the seed. If you want to know the true flavor in the coffee you are drinking daily, do not ignore the useful information that we share in this article.
What kind of enjoying coffee are there?
Today enjoying Cafe is a true art, in addition to caffeine, there are many other things that are also "addicted".
Each person has a different style to enjoy coffee, so the taste of coffee depends on each person. Each person has a unique definition for themselves when enjoying. Some people choose a traditional coffee, this type often has a strong flavor, more knowledgeable people, who care about their health, use unadulterated pure coffee, today's connoisseurs see coffee Coffee is an art, with them enjoying coffee has upgraded to a higher level.
Blended coffee, also known as impregnated coffee, is a beverage outside of coffee, roasted coffee will add margarine, wine or fish sauce, ... to create a more greasy and aromatic flavor. featured. Currently, in Vietnam, this type of coffee enjoyment accounts for 80-85% of the market.
Rustic coffee, also known as pure coffee, enjoy only 15% of this type of coffee. This is how to enjoy pure coffee as coffee. A fact that you need to know is that very few Vietnamese and even the owner is not professional nor sure have the knowledge to distinguish these two types. Only by having firsthand experience of observing and sharing about the process of making coffee can we understand, distinguish and choose for ourselves a delicious coffee.
Just need to experience and experience through observation and sharing about the process of making coffee only once, anyone will understand, distinguish and choose good coffee for themselves.

Good coffee beans, quality must converge below elements:
A quality coffee bean must contain all the special elements of taste and taste. Divided into 5 main groups: Sweetness, acidity, bitterness, mouthfeel and flavor.
Experts or connoisseurs of coffee, they value a good cup of coffee is not difficult. For them delicious coffee is when a cup of coffee balanced with all the elements: Sweet, sour, bitter, rich and aromatic.
1. The sweetness of coffee
Processing method "Red Honey" will create a natural, balanced sweetness.
Sugar (sucrose and glucose, alcohols, glycols and some amino acids), accounting for 6% - 9% of the weight in green coffee beans. The sweetness is most noticeable at the tip of the tongue when you enjoy pure coffee. In order to experience the best, diners can experience with brewed coffee by pour-over method (filter paper coffee) such as aeropress, kalita, chemex, melita, ..
So how to keep the coffee beans sweet, apart from the coffee seed, if looking from the perspective of production, it must be ensured from two important stages: collecting ripe fruits and preparing them in the right way, this is a whole thing. Hard work to make the coffee taste more delicious.
2. Where does the bitter taste of pure coffee come from?

Some types of coffee have the characteristics of outstanding bitterness, in addition to the bitterness obtained when people will extend the time to roast coffee.
Many people think that coffee must have a bitter taste but most people do not understand where the bitter taste of coffee comes from and why? So many restaurants have created a bitter taste by roasting very strong coffee beans. Coffee has a bitter taste because Caffeine is one of the ingredients that make up the bitter taste in coffee (10%, besides that, another substance is Trigonelline).
3. Sour taste of coffee like, do you feel it?

The sour taste will make other aroma in the Cafe appear more prominent. Sour taste is more appreciated than bitter taste.
If you are not a professional Barista, it is very difficult to assess the sour taste from coffee beans. Depending on the type of coffee will have different sourness. There are pleasant or often sour or sour flavors like orange, lemon, blueberries, strawberries ... but they all have a pleasant sweet aftertaste. And when it comes to sour taste, people will mention Arabica is a coffee with a much higher level of Acidity than Robusta. The sour taste, which is not currently a favorite flavor in Vietnam, but many people still like it.
4. Rich taste
The term "Rich tast cafe" is less commonly used today, because it refers to a cup of coffee mixed with aromas and chemicals in black with the "variety" flavor.
The combination of coffee water is the rich term. It's not that strong coffee is better and thinner than worse. Delicious or bad depending on the taste of each person and be selected by the method of preparation or type of blending like? Barista in the world always appreciate coffee with acidity (Acidity) with aroma (Flavor) than coffee with bitter taste.
5. What is the aroma of delicious, pure coffee?
The aroma in the bean has been announced by the prestigious SCAA Association. (SCAA is the Professional Coffee Association of America)
The aroma in coffee is very rich, there are more than 800 flavors from many different Arabica varieties.
If observant, you will notice the most noticeable coffee flavor at different stages:
- Immediately after grinding coffee beans into flour.
- After preparation, the scent will fade through the coffee solution.
- And when you enjoy it, you will hear this fragrance after taking a sip of coffee, which is considered the aftertaste of coffee.
Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee only when you choose the right type you like. Some people like to drink pure coffee, some people like to drink coffee mixed with some other ingredients.

Only when you choose for yourself a type of Cafe, mix your own way, enjoy and feel them individually, then it will be delicious coffee.

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