Drinking coffee before breakfast will "receive" enough of 4 harmful effects on health and this is a remedy

A lot of you have a habit of drinking coffee on an empty stomach in the morning, but researchers say this is a very harmful habit.
Break the circadian rhythm
Everyone thinks that drinking coffee early in the morning will help you to be more alert but in fact, researchers say that if you drink coffee when you have nothing, it will make your body clock in the muscle. can be broken.
When you wake up, a hormone cortisol will be released enough to keep you awake and energized. However, if you drink coffee before breakfast will reduce cortisol secretion, since the biological clock is disturbed and instead of being more alert, you feel sleepy and tired, so the day is not well. as good and nice as you want.

Gastric damage
Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can cause severe shock to the digestive system and especially the stomach. Because when coffee is loaded into the body, the stomach will start to produce more acid, while at this time, the stomach has not been loaded with food to digest, so the excess acid secretes will return to erosion. Stomach lining makes stomach more susceptible to ulcer. The typical symptom you get right now is indigestion, heartburn, which will eventually lead to severe and difficult to treat gastritis.

Increased anxiety, suspense
Dr. Adam Simon, medical director of PushDoctor.co.uk, said the habit of consuming coffee on an empty stomach can increase feelings of anxiety, anxiety or other reactions including changes. negative changes in mood. Even if you consume too much, too dense coffee will increase the heart rate cause discomfort and hangover in the body. At this time, if you are having important jobs such as interviews, exams, presentations ... will make the results not be as expected.

Decreased ability to concentrate
Not only does it cause anxiety, but drinking coffee on an empty stomach may also reduce your ability to focus. By this time, your stomach is caused by acids that cause rake, discomfort, nervousness, anxiety, fast heartbeat, which affects the efficiency of the brain.
At this time, the worst consequence is that it is difficult for you to concentrate so the efficiency of work and study are not high. That is why researchers recommend that we should not drink coffee before the exam whether the stomach is full or hungry because it will distract the brain, making it difficult for you to concentrate on doing the test.

So when is the best time to drink coffee during the day?
In order for coffee to have a positive effect on the body, researchers recommend that instead of drinking coffee on an empty stomach right after waking up, you should drink coffee in the middle of the morning, immediately after breakfast. In 1 hour, you can sip your favorite coffee.

In addition to the time in the middle of the morning, you can also enjoy coffee in the afternoon (2 - 3 pm). This is the time when the body starts to fall tired and needs to wake up immediately, so a cup of coffee at this time will be very helpful.
However, you should note that you should limit drinking coffee after 4 pm because the harmful effects of coffee can last up to 6 hours after drinking so if drinking after 4 pm can have a significant effect on sleep. sleep at night.

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