Drink coffee at any time of the day, except for now!

Coffee is very beneficial for the body, but only if you drink it on time! We often think that coffee is the most effective energy pill. Asleep? Drinking coffee. Distraction? Drinking coffee. But coffee actually only works to increase energy when taken at the right time.
Drink coffee before breakfast will receive enough 4 harmful effects on health and this is a remedy
Did you enjoy a cup of coffee with correct way?

A study at the US university divided students into two groups: 1 group drinking coffee at 6 am and 1 group drinking coffee at 2 pm. The results showed that the first group tended to be alert and active all day, while the group that drank at 2 hours also felt ... tired, sleepy.
Scientists explain that caffeine works best when your body is not active and alert. Therefore, drinking coffee in the early morning will be like pressing a start button for hidden energy inside you (note to avoid drinking on an empty stomach).

Conversely, just waking up after a nap or spending half a day tired, making a cup of coffee will only make you a headache, more tired.
Now you know when you have to drink coffee! And remember that no matter how sleepy, don't be foolish to drink coffee in the early afternoon!

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