Detecting compounds in coffee inhibiting "male cancer"

Japanese scientists have identified two compounds in coffee that can inhibit the typical and common cancer in men - prostate cancer.
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The study, presented at the Congress of the European Endocrinological Association and held in Barcelona, Spain, provides hope for many prostate cancer patients by detecting kahweol acetate and cafestol - two easy compounds. look in coffee - can prevent disease and inhibit tumors that have appeared.

Dr. Hiroaki Iwamoto, from the Department of Urology - Integrated Cancer, University of Medical Sciences, Kanazawa University (Japan), who led the research, said he and his colleagues have been successful. Initial work in laboratory and animal testing.
First, the scientists tested six compounds in coffee on cancer cells taken from prostate patients and identified the two compounds that could effectively prevent the proliferation of diseased cells. 
They transplanted prostate cancer cells to 16 mice and divided them into four groups: four treated with kahweol acetate, four with cafesol, four with a combination of the two compounds and four. controlled by current methods.
Results showed that mice who received both compounds in coffee had the slower growth of cancer cells. The two compounds even inhibit cancer cells that are resistant to common cancer drugs. Over the follow-up period, the tumor of mice who did not receive compounds from coffee grew to 342%; while in mice receiving a compound from coffee, the growth was less than half - 167%.
According to the authors, the results showed that two compounds in coffee are feasible and promising in the study of treatments for prostate cancer, especially resistant prostate cancer. medicine. But to truly apply them to patients, these compounds need further research and need to be demonstrated by clinical trials to see if they have the same miraculous effects on humans as animals
Earlier, some evidence from observational studies also showed that some types of coffee were linked to a reduced incidence of several cancers, including prostate cancer.
Prostate cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in men. Statistics in the UK show that the percentage of men facing it at least once in their lifetime is up to 1 in 8.

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